Top Richest Casino Tycoons 

Either you win or lose in Casino, but the house always scores. Casinos are the place where a wealthy crowd of the world comes to play and merry. In addition, various lavish cruise ships and retail malls have casino spaces. This business not just helps people to get rich on their luck but also makes its owners wealthy. It is a well-established industry where businessmen and players get to throw and catch coins simultaneously. But have you ever wondered how much money these casino owners have made till now? You will be amazed to know how much wealth some of the casino owners have created till now. In this blog, we will discuss some of the wealthiest casino tycoons. So let’s begin!

Lorenzo Fertitta

A man of Italian origin, Lorenzo Fertitta, was born in Las Vegas. His father was the owner of Red Rock Resorts, which ultimately came into his possession. He is renowned for his surplus wealth possession in the casino business. His net worth is $1.7 billion. After inheriting the resort, he developed his business to become of the richest casinos in the world. He bought UFC for $2 million in a partnership with his brother. Later the same company was purchased for the value of $4 billion. 

Elaine Wynn

The lady is the co-founder of her lavish Wynn Resorts. She owns this property in partnership with his ex-husband named as Steve Wynn. She is also the co-founder of Mirage Resorts. She is known as ‘Queen’ of Las Vegas, renowned among the wealthiest casino owners with a net worth of $1.8 billion. The 79-year-old lady also holds the managerial position of her business. 

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the former President, but he is also among the top wealthiest casino owners. He has earned up to $2 billion by utilizing his casino business. He started his Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts in the year 1955. He then started the Trump Entertainment subline named Trump Plaza in the year 2014. But later, his investments were issued as bankrupt, and the financial setback arose.

James Packer

He belongs to a famous and wealthy family. Being from the family of Sir Frank Packer, Kerry Packer AC, and Roslyn Packer AC, he owns a massive ancestral business already. The business is maintained by James, along with his sister Gretel Packer. In addition, he owns Crown Resorts, which is his very first investment. He bought the resort from the profits gained through his family business. He has a net worth of $3.2 billion.

Steve Wynn

We have already discussed his ex-wife with a $1.8 billion net worth. Steve Alan Wynn has himself regards a net worth of $3.1 billion. He started by being an ice-cream seller when he was just 15. He belongs to a family of investors, which indicates his business instincts from an early age. After a few years, he turned his father’s bingo business into a casino business known as Wynn Resorts.

Lui Che-Woo 

He is located in Hong Kong with a renowned name in the investment domain. He is also famous as a philanthropist. The person’s net worth is one of the highest in all the casino owners estimating around $14.5 billion. He owns Galaxy Entertainment, where he earned his wealth from the economy of gambling. He has a whole franchise of Casinos in Macau.

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